Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Ski Trip

Ski Trip  

I really enjoyed going up the pomma with my friends when me and my friends had races
and sprayed me. I enjoyed it because it was my first experience and I am happy how good I got.
I found it hard at the start to do the pizza to slow me down and stop me. I had a great time when
I was there.

After going on the school ski trip I am going to go there again when I went on the ski trip I
never knew how to ski and now I am pretty good and I really enjoy it. I crashed Once or twice
but I kept going, this year I am going skiing again with my dad.

Health and Physical Education Level 4
WALT access and use information to make and action safe choices in a range of contexts.
WALT demonstrate a willingness to accept challenges, learn new skills, and extend abilities in
movement-related activities.

WALT specify individual responsibilities and to take collective action for the care and safety
of others in the school and in the wider communit.

Te Uru With 10 CH

Te Uru With 10 CH

Walt participate in the learning of others.
Why: Building on our transition to high school.

Success Criteria: be active participants in a new cultural game.
We had to use our listening skills we also had to watch what they were doing and ask
questions if we didn't understand to get better at it we had to practice.

At Tuesday morning 28 of August we had a year 10 class called 10 CH from Grey High
come to karoro school. They came and taught us how to play a game called Te Uru.
Before they taught us we had to play a warm up game called seaweed after about three
rounds we were split up into three groups. two groups of seven and a group of eight.
We did three activities and then played the game.

The rules were you had to catch it with a flat pam and you weren't aloud to walk it was
basically netball rules. To win you had get rid of all your spots you had to be standing on
one of the five and your team mate had to pass it to you and if you caught it you got rid of it.
I really enjoyed the activity and had lots of fun.

Hunting Speech

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

St John Response

Yesterday on the 3/9/19 we had a St John personal to come to Karoro School and teach us how to do
CPR and use a Defib.

The lady from St John's gave us a card which had the doctors a b c d. D=danger t
his means look for dangers and make sure there is nothing to hurt you. R= check for
a response to do that “can you hear me”. S= Send for help and see if they have a phone
if you don't have one. A= check their airway and if their stomach is rising. B= Check if they
have normal breathing do this by listening and feeling. C= Now if they don't respond to the
other steps do CPR 30 compression after that blow into mouth two times. D= attach a defib
if available and the defib will talk you through how to use it.

I really enjoyed the St John training it will be good if I got put in this situation.


I Really enjoyed this because if someone in my family has had a heart attack and if they had
one at home I would know what to do.  Also if I was put into this situation walking from school.